The woman who didn’t exist

Gorilla Mindset author Mike Cernovich explains what it is like meeting a supposedly fictional character:

For years I read a blog by Vox Day, but to be honest, I had my concerns about the man. I thought it was weird that he pretended to have an attractive wife. Why do this?

John Scalzi, one of Vox Day’s haters, had convinced me and others than Vox’s wife did not exist. As Vox did not post pictures of his wife, I took Scalzi at his word that @spacebunnyday was a sock puppet.

I learned a valuable lesson about John Scalzi. He’s a con man.

After seeing John Scalzi joke about being a rapist on his blog, I decided to stop taking him at his word. I investigated the facts for myself. Vox Day’s wife is real, and she’s pretty cool.

Read the rest of it there. It’s rather amusing to learn that there were actually some people who fell for the SJW line that SB didn’t exist, and that I was posting pictures of some pretty fitness model I’d found somewhere. I didn’t post pictures of her or talk about her very much because my family life is no one else’s business.

But now she is active on Twitter, lots of people follow her because she’s a smart woman who has her own opinions that she is perfectly capable of defending without my help, and she is well-respected in the homeschooling community, an area in which she is an accomplished and knowledgeable expert. I’m proud of her and her accomplishments, even if I’m little more inclined to talk about them here than I am about my own.

SJW men may pretend to be champions of women, but as Scalzi’s behavior demonstrates, they don’t hesitate to denigrate them and disappear them simply to try to score points off other men. And, of course, Mike should have known better than to believe an SJW about anything, because, as we all know, SJWS ALWAYS LIE.