The metric

A Puppy predicts:

In Best Related Work:

• No Award wins – the majority of supporting memberships came from the various campaigns urged by the puppy kickers.

• Wisdom From My Internet wins – the majority comes from the Monster Hunter Nation.
• Letters from Gardner wins – the majority of new SMs came from uncommitteds who joined because of the publicity and a attention drawn to the Hugo. These are folk who genuinely want to see the award rehabilitated (call them Brad’s Troops).

• Transhuman or Subhuman wins – the majority of new SMs come from the Dread Ilk.

• The Hot Equations wins – the majority of new SMs comes from people who have felt disenfranchised by the CHORFs, who like good *hard* SF and milSF. It also gets a good boost from the Dread Ilk and Baen because of Castalia and Kratman. This is the win that shows that we *really* hit home with the justification for the Sad Puppies.

• Why Science is Never Settled wins – something is seriously wrong in the demographics and/or the voting.