Thoughts from GDC

1. If you’re going to say “I think exactly the same as he said” after someone on the panel has uttered cliches, I will get up and leave.

2. Some of the data analysis is amazing. So was the eye-tracking controller from Tobii.

 3. It’s always a good idea to talk to the young guys working as volunteers. They are the equivalent of those who spent their last pennies on a roach motel in Santa Clara and walked to the Westin.

4. China is going to take over game art thanks to Western millennials.  Hope I’m wrong but it looks that way.

 5. I met the unicorn; the mythical female game designer. She thought anti-GG’s position was insulting to her and her predecessors. She even agreed to be the guest lecturer in one of my game dev lessons this fall.

 6. If you can program Unity you can get a job. On the spot.