How could it not be fair?

If sex is merely a matter of self-expression, there is no reason to even distinguish between sports for “men” and for “women”.

50-Year-Old Transgender Basketball Player Joins Jr. College Women’s Team…Is This Fair?

This is the story of Robert Ludwig, now Gabrielle Ludwig, a 50-year-old recent sex change operation recipient who is now playing for the women’s basketball team of Mission College in Santa Clara, Calif.

After her procedure this past summer, Ludwig petitioned the court for a new birth certificate that would designate her sex as “female.”  On Nov. 30, a judge awarded her the new birth certificate and in the eyes of the government, Robert Ludwig is now officially Gabrielle Ludwig.

That one piece of paper opened doors for Ludwig. However, there were concerns that her previous time as a college player might be a problem. Back in 1980, then-Robert Ludwig played for Nassau Community College and the bylaws of the Community College Athletic Association only permit a player to participate for two years. But the athletic association decided to reinstate Ludwig’s full eligibility, based on the fact that he was now legally a “she” and deserved the full two years of permitted playing time with her new gender.

Hey, if Caitlyn Jenner won the Men’s Decathalon in the Olympics, clearly all bets are off. And therefore, we can stop fretting about wage gaps, disproportional representation, and sex-based affirmative action, and get rid of Title IX now.

That will be the correct response to any woman complaining about “sexism”. Sex is just a social construct, so just call yourself male and start reaping the benefits.