Those who serve and know not

To them, too, we owe our thanks. It’s tremendously amusing to listen to the science fiction SJWs projecting and declaring the Puppies to be pathetic losers while they whine and cry and gnash their yellowed, decaying teeth. A sniveling SJW named Chris M. Barkley is only the latest to strike the usual poses:

Contrast this with Mr. Beale, who, on the surface seems to have some moderate amount of talent as a writer, editor and publisher, who has gone out of his way to trumpet and advance notions of homophobia, sexism, racism with provocative slander, libelous insults and threats, wildly delivered with what I can only describe as a pseudo- intellectual flair. However, those talents, which could have been used for the betterment of literature and culture, are instead being used to soil and defame it. Beale’s latest attempt at seeking attention, a worldwide call for a boycott of all TOR authors and books, is as pathetic as it is futile.

All of the activities of the Sad and Rabid Puppies might have been easily laughed off, had they not made good on their threats and effectively gamed the Hugo Award nominations this year.

Millions of words have been spilled, pounded, spit out, spit upon, leveraged and expounded upon this subject by thousands of commentators, bloggers, pundits and literary critics since the nominations were announced.

I tell friends and acquaintances that are not familiar with sf fandom that this is not the first fannish feud to spill out into the consciousness of the public, nor will it be the last. With internet connectivity, hair trigger tempers and the willingness of people to stay up WAY PAST their bedtimes to correct stuff on the internet, it is certainly the most public display of asshattery in fandom that general public has ever seen.

I consider what Brad Torgenson, Larry Corriea and Theodore Beale have collectively done, is a direct attack on what fans, writers, editors, publishers and literature itself. And I consider this attack on fandom and the Hugos is a personal attack against me….

 I do not obsess about it but I have been wondering whether he really understands that a life is a legacy for those who follow him.

There is room in fandom for rational discussion, debate and even dissent. There is no room however, for empty rhetoric and false conjecture, death threats, bullying, hateful and blatant racism, sexism and gay baiting, which is what the Sad Puppies now stand for, forever tarred with the same brush as and the Rabid Puppy crew, whether they like or not.

Moreover, this means that while we may have to listen to the inane and idiotic diatribes of Theodore Beale/Vox Day, we do not have to endorse or accept them.

Margaret Keifer’s life is an exemplary example of what every fan’s, every person’s life should be.

What Theodore Beale and his followers have forcefully shown, is that they are incapable of empathy, kindness or human decency.

They have my pity, and little else.

So brave. Thank you for this. Of course, what they don’t recognize is that one can’t soil sewage. And one can’t defame the infamous with the truth. And I would correct him: the SJWs not only don’t have to endorse or accept anything I say, they quite clearly aren’t listening to anything I have said. I’ll try again:

I am not one of you. I do not want to be one of you. I don’t want your attention, I don’t want your awards, I don’t want your respect, I don’t want your pity, and I don’t want anything to do with you. I have never wanted anything to do with you. In my opinion you are left-wing human wreckage whose worldview is outdated, irrational, nonsensical, and ignorant.

You are neither my intellectual nor moral superior. You are not even my intellectual peer. Your morality, to the extent it can be called that, is a parasitical parody of the real thing. I do not respect you, I do not value your opinion, I reject your values, and I deny your competence to judge me in any way.

I turned my back on your freakish community and everything it stood for as soon as I had the opportunity to see it clearly for myself at Minicon in 1997. I dutifully did my panels and never went to another SF convention or attended another SF-related event ever again. I don’t associate with losers, child molesters, or creepy rape enthusiasts, and SF fandom consists of little else. I never submitted a short story to a science fiction magazine or submitted a novel to a science fiction publishing house because I didn’t have any professional respect for most of the community’s incompetent institutions.

All the SF community had to do was leave me alone and I would have left it alone. I did so, more or less, for 16 years. You didn’t. For over ten years I was repeatedly attacked, unprovoked, by various members of your weird little community. I ignored most of their repeated jabs, their libels, their false accusations, their nasty insinuations, and their insults. Out of sheer contempt, I ignored most of their attempts to obtain my attention. But when John Scalzi, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, N.K. Jemisin, and Steven Gould, among others, made an attempt to publicly destroy my reputation, I decided I would not ignore it any longer.

So, you’ve got my attention now. And you should have known better to draw the contemptuous eye of the Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil upon you. Because the Rabid Puppies, and the Dread Ilk, and the Ilk, and worst of all, my 391 397 Vile Faceless Minions, are coming for you. Not just this year, not just next year, but always and forever until you are gone. By all means, cry more about how much we hurt you; the VFM like nothing better than the taste of your tears.

The Sad Puppies want to fix what the SJWs have done to the detriment of science fiction over the last three decades. I respect that, although I think it makes more sense to demolish a building and build anew rather than attempt to shore up a termite-infested structure. But Rabid Puppies are not Sad Puppies. We want nothing more than to crush SJW bones, drink SJW blood, and leave a smoking hole where every SJW institution used to be.

We’re not incapable of empathy, kindness or human decency, we simply have no mercy for SJWs. There will be NO PLACE in science fiction for SJWs.

And that is why, on behalf of the Rabid Puppies, I wish to personally thank every SJW in science fiction who voted for No Award in any category this year and award you this badge as an expression of my personal gratitude.

Another File 770 SJW adds:
The puppies lack of empathy and self righteousness will ensure they are
unaware of what they have wrought or feel they are entirely justified in
doing so. Their dogmatic certainty of certain “truths” makes it
impossible to have a rational discussion with them since there isn’t a
common set of assumptions on which to base a discussion.
We know what we’ve done and as we expected, the SJW reaction has entirely justified our actions. And the next time one of them is whining about how we don’t talk to them, don’t listen to them, and don’t pay any attention to their opinions except to laugh at them, we will remind them that they themselves have declared it is “impossible to have a rational discussion” with us.