The game of questions

Based on the enthusiastic response of the many game experts here, I’m going to go ahead and collect as many complete 10-question sets for as many video and computer games as you guys are willing to contribute. This is for a competitive quiz game that I believe will serve as a model for future games of its type. The structure makes it a lot more fun than the normal sort of quiz game, and it’s complete with powerups that make the game modestly tactical.

If you contribute, there will be free game coins in it for you.

Don’t post the questions and answers here, but email them to me with the subject QUESTIONS. All I’d like you to post here is what game(s) you’re going to address so we don’t get multiple sets of the same game. For example, I’ve already done Swashbuckler and Warlords, and an example of the former follows.

The goal is to have at least 2,500 questions covering all platforms and eras in the initial quiz game. So that’s 250 games, and I’m not an expert in 250 games, so I’m going to need some help. The questions should be as straightforward and non-verbose as possible. Don’t get cute with trick questions except PERHAPS at the Expert level, and make sure the Easy questions are easy enough that anyone who ever played the game even a little could probably answer.

PC (Apple II)


1. What weapon does the first enemy carry? (club)
2. What key do you hit to switch direction? (S)
3. How do you kill an animal? (sword down, M)
4. How many points per kill? (1)


5. What happens when a snake bites you? (You die)
6. What happens when a rat bites you? (Can’t thrust)
7. What is the fourth enemy missing? (Leg)


8. What is the secret to getting easy kills? (Thrust right after second enemy killed)
9. What is the background of Level Three (Sail)


10. What enemy, introduced on Level Three, does not fit the pirate theme? (Samurai)