Fighting them there

I respect this British man’s decision to join the Christians fighting ISIS in Iraq. But given that ISIS and other jihadists are already in Britain and America, I don’t think it will be too long before one won’t need to go abroad to do so.

A British granddad has left his family to join militants fighting Isil on the frontline in Iraq claiming he could no longer sit back and do nothing.

Despite having no military experience, Jim Atherton, 53, of Tyne and Wear, has sold his car to buy weapons and has already come under mortar and rocket attacks.

The granddad, who before leaving for Iraq cared for rescued daschunds, said Special Branch had tried to persuade him to come home, but he believed his place was fighting jihadists.

It’s very strange that there has been so little martial activity inside Western countries given how completely they have been infiltrated by jihadists. One wonders what they are waiting for.