Hit me baby one more time

Mytheos Holt points out that SJWs have overused the words from the Codex Maladictorum to such an extent that they have lost their potency:

Donald Trump Is What Happens When You Cry Wolf

However, to speak seriously for a moment, Trump’s candidacy should also serve as a cautionary tale about just what happens when you try to brand even the smallest indiscretions as evidence that someone is of the Devil’s party. To illustrate this, ask yourself this question: what label can the Left (or the Right, for that matter) apply to Trump that hasn’t already been so devalued by overuse?
What label can the Left (or the Right, for that matter) apply to Trump that hasn’t already been so devalued by overuse?

That he’s a racist? So is anyone who criticizes President Obama’s golf swing these days.

That he’s a sexist? So is anyone who defends due-process rights.

That he’s a phony? What politician isn’t?

That he’s a fascist? So were the last two presidents, depending on which books you read.

That he’s a crypto-Nazi? Yeah, because Lyndon Larouche hasn’t beaten that one to death at all.

See the problem? Even if all of these labels were true of Trump, they’ve all been used to cry “wolf” so many times that now no one thinks they mean anything anymore. Short of openly waving a Nazi flag, eating black babies, or sexually assaulting someone on live television, there’s little Trump could do to actually give these labels the power to scare people.

Exactly. It’s very amusing when SJWs like John “I am a rapist” Scalzi keep desperately flinging DISQUALIFY DISQUALIFY DISQUALIFY over and over and over again, as if it will finally work on the 500th time after failing the first 499 times. The idiot SJWs simply don’t realize that once an individual is inoculated to their disqualification attempts, it’s never going to work again.

That’s why their current and future outrage over national publications – yes, plural – talking to me is so funny. It would never have happened if they hadn’t planted those stories with the Guardian, with Entertainment Weekly, and with the New Zealand Herald. Just as Rabid Puppies would never have existed if they had simply refrained from accusing me of gaming the 2014 Hugo Awards.

SJWs never leave well enough alone and they never learn. And if they’re going to go to all the trouble of portraying one as a monster, well, one almost has an artistic duty to ensure that one fulfills all their worst nightmares and then some.

Perhaps the Republicans are smarter than SJWs and they’ll stop doubling down on trying to disqualify Donald Trump. But I tend to doubt it.