The courage of the SJW

From the police report RooshV filed with the Montreal police:

I was walking with a group of male friends on Prince Authur street when I asked three women on the sidewalk for advice on which bar to go to. We talked for 5 minutes then all entered the bar that was in front of us. We had a round of tequilla shots. I did not know them beforehand.

I talked to one girl of the group who gave me the name “Jennifer.” She complimented my beard and general attractiveness and asked me to come outside with her for a cigarette. She is approximately 23 years old, shoulder length hair, brown hair, brown eyes, and slim build. She has a piercing between her nose like farm bulls have.

I went outside and sat next to her. She began sensually rubbing her legs against mine. Her skirt was short. She went back inside and I found my friends.

After 5 minutes, a group of men entered the bar that were friends with the girl. They asked me to come outside to have a drink with them. I went outside and one of the men began acting aggressively towards me, asking me for my birth name. He was a tall man with a beard and ponytail. His English was not very good.

I stepped back and then “Jennifer” approached me aggressively and said, “Is your name Roosh?” I use this name for my online writings and published literature, but did not confirm it to her verbally. Then suddenly she threw her entire beer at my head. Two more of her female friends threw beers at me. I had to remove my wig because it was soaked with beer. The group tried to assault me further but I backed away with my friends. I feared for my safety.

As I left the bar, the group followed me, yelling vulgar language. One girl yelled, “Eat my cunt.” We entered a building and they tried to trespass, but we closed the door. I called the police at that time and they took a brief statement, but did not make an arrest.

After the incident, a member of the group uploaded the video of the assault on Youtube under the title “Roosh V gets beer thrown in his face.” It clearly shows them attacking me without just cause. One member of the group named Jessica Lelievre then boasted on Twitter from the account @Jess_Lelievre that she participated in the assault. She wrote, “Pooring my drink on Roosh V’s head was the best moment EVER!!” (She misspelled the word ‘pouring’.) Her profile states that she is a university student at Concordia.

The video is below. Now, I have no doubt that the Only Real Men on the Internet will declare that Roosh is being a baby due to his filing criminal assault charges after being attacked by having several beers poured on his head. But this is the only way that sanity will ever be restored to intersexual relations; many a man has been successfully prosecuted for assault and sexual harassment for less.

What Roosh is doing is textbook black-knighting; making the SJWs live up to their own standard. In this, he is a model for every male. Don’t give women a pass because you a white-knighting idiot. If they make a sexually-oriented joke at work, report them. If they touch you, report them. If they push or hit you for any reason, report them. If they talk about the gory details of their romantic exploits, report them. The same goes for other SJW-favored classes.

Striking back in kind is the only way the SJWs will ever be convinced to abandon their arsenal of bureaucratic weapons.