We’re #98

Right Wing News ranks the top 100 conservative sites:

91) Canada Free Press: 68,023
92) Human Events Online: 68,967
93) Jewish World Review: 76,215
94) GOPUSA: 71,293
95) Ricochet: 71,358
96) Day by Day: 73,755
97) Numbers USA: 76,280
98) Vox Day: 76,816
99) X Tribune: 76,417
100) City Journal: 84,176

This would probably appear to be more impressive if I hadn’t ranked 52nd with an Alexa rating of 27,594 in 2014. How is it possible that my ranking dropped 46 places when the monthly pageviews have risen more than 400,000 from one year ago? Simple. The Alexa ratings are nonsense as they are based on links rather than traffic. I bounced the blog rating last year in order to prove my case, then let it decline to its “natural” level because I don’t care about things like that.

So, don’t take any list that is based on Alexa or any similar ranking system too seriously. And also, I’m still not a conservative, but I gave up trying to fight that battle a long time ago.