The irresistible force

I could not have been more wrong when I mistakenly thought Nippon Manju was the peak of modern musical achievement. But I have to say that the combination of J-Pop with metal is the most musically interesting thing I’ve heard since the first time I heard techno. Throw in the Japanese knack for inimitable style and theatrics, and the total effect is amazing. I’m totally convinced that Babymetal is going to be one of the biggest bands in the world.

Now, some of you are aware that I studied in Japan, I used to speak it pretty well, and although I haven’t used it at all in 25 years, I can still understand a fair amount of it. So when I heard “Papa daisuki”, I thought, what the hell, why are they saying “I love you Daddy?”

So I listened a little closer, then burst out laughing before looking up the translated lyrics. Because in addition to the music being brilliant, the words are enough to give the feminists of the West a complete stroke. The grasseater males of Japan may be gaming themselves into nonexistence, but clearly not everyone in Japan has forgotten what is at the heart of female power.

And no one knows it better, or wields it more effectively, than a little girl with a loving father. Thus spake the man who doesn’t like cats and somehow ended up with three.

Tactic 1
I flatter more than usual.
I give Daddy a shoulder massage
I love you, Daddy.

Tactic 2
Thank you for your hard work. You are my god.
Of course my favorite type is….
 I love you, Daddy.

Let’s go! Let’s go!
The Great Beg-Daddy-for-it Strategy.
Make a cute pouty face and keep on begging.
The strongest! Ooh! The greatest!  Ooh!
Daddy’s going to fall for my angel’s smile.
Let’s go! Let’s go!
The Great Beg-Daddy-for-it Strategy.
I will get it in secret from Mom.
The strongest! Ooh! The greatest!  Ooh!
I beg. I beg.
The Great Beg-Daddy-for-it Strategy!

Because I am a girl
I love sparkling things.
I love cute things.
I love delicious things.

Anyhow, if you’re not convinced that they rock in a uniquely Japanese fashion, check out Megitsune. For some reason, only the Americans, the English, the Nordics, and occasionally the Germans have historically been able to do metal, but apparently the Japanese have figured it out since I was there in 1988. No doubt those who think metal is primarily about the trappings and the posturing will hate Babymetal, but those who like it for the music will appreciate the musicianship, the energy, and the spectacle, if nothing else.