The end of the invasion

It looks like the end of the Mediterranean Invasion is now in sight:

A Greek coast guard vessel allegedly sank a rubber dinghy full of Syrian refugees, including women and children, according to film footage shot by Turkish fishermen.

The footage, which was reportedly recorded a few days ago and obtained by Turkish media, suggests that the Greeks sank the migrant boat with some sort of “lance”.

The inflatable boat had just left the Turkish coast, just a few miles from the Greek islands of Kos and Lesbos, where thousands of Syrians and other refugees have landed in recent weeks.

As the Greek patrol vessel moved away from the area, one of the fishermen can be heard saying: “The boat is deflating, the boat’s taking on water and there are people on board.”

He then added: “The boat was pierced by what looks like a long lance.”

The footage then showed migrants in the water as the boat gradually sank. The fishermen went to the rescue of the Syrians – said to be around 50 – and then called the Turkish coast guard, who eventually took the refugees back to the Turkish coast.

Armed or not, mass migrants are invaders and it’s about time that the European coast guards started actually guarding their coasts. The only thing that surprises me is that it wasn’t the Italian Navy that started sinking the “refugee” boats.

If the Greek and Italian navies had simply sunk the first ten or twenty boats to try to cross the sea, the entire crisis could have been averted. Now, with African “refugees” beating up and raping the aid workers working in the “refugee” camps, it looks like it’s going to be an long and ugly process of violent repatriation.

The Italian article points out that the cost of housing and providing for the three “delinquent” immigrants is 20,000 euros a year, which happens to be the annual income for one-third of Italian families. Which means the invasion is going to be brought to an end soon, one way or another.