A Latino, an Indian, and a White man

Walk into a room. How does NPR describe them? As three white men. Because badthink:

The prestigious Hugo Awards, which honor science fiction and fantasy writing, will be held Saturday. Lately, they have been given to more and more women and writers of color as the world of sci-fi opens up — and that’s prompted a backlash from a group of mostly white male writers who call themselves the “Sad Puppies.”

Listen to the rest of it here if you like, I’m not going to bother. The funny thing is that if you look at the original Evil Legion of Evil, it’s not accurate to say it is a group of mostly white male writers.

Supreme Dark Lord: not white male
International Lord of Hate: not white male
Grand Strategikon: white male
King in Yellow: white male
Beautiful but Evil Space Princess: not white male
Token Liberal: white male

Of course, if NPR reported it accurately as a group that was “half white males”, they couldn’t realistically portray it as a Bad and Terrible Thing that Must Be Stopped.