40 years

That’s how long it took African-Americans to transform excellent, oversized, newly constructed suburban housing into a community that became infamous worldwide for gangs, crime, and violence:

As late as 1948, fewer than fifty African Americans lived in among
Compton’s forty-five thousand residents. … Yet during the 1950s, Compton
underwent the most profound racial change of any city in Southern
California. Responding to the great demand for African American housing
outside the ghetto, a new group of tract home developers and real estate
brokers found a niche in the unrestricted housing market. … This
undeveloped property became a fertile area for the growth of the city’s
black population. Davenport builders, a large developer, quickly built
unrestricted tract homes on the western edge of Compton. … This was one
of the few places in Los Angeles County where blacks could buy new tract
housing. … “For once, the Negro did not move into slums; for once he
came into good housing.” Indeed, the 1960 census revealed that 93
percent of blacks in Compton lived in homes built since 1940, with more
than half residing in homes built since 1950. Compton’s houses were also
large: almost 75 percent of black households in Compton had four to
five rooms.

From Wikipedia: “For many years, Compton was a much sought after neighborhood for the black middle class of Los Angeles. Now, only some areas of Compton are still middle class communities. This past affluence is reflected in the area’s appearance—Compton’s streets are lined with relatively spacious and attractive single family houses. However, several factors have contributed to Compton’s decline. One of the most significant factors was a steady erosion of its tax base.”

How shocking it is to discover that despite the magic of geography and high quality infrastructure, African-Americans did not magically transform into 1950s-style tax-paying, economically sufficient white people. Interestingly enough, it has only taken my ruthless Aztec cousins 27 years to ethnically cleanse Compton of most of its African-Americans. What was a white city in 1948 and a black city in 1988 is now 65 percent La Raza, 32.9 percent black, and 0.8 percent white.

That’s what diversity in future America looks like, cuckservatives. One without white people. Good luck with that. It’s also why I think it is spectacularly funny that white SJWs believe one has to be a white supremacist in order to hate blacks. You’d think they never met an Arab, an Asian, or a Mexican.