Of this, that, and the other thing

All right, a few things that require addressing. First, the Closed Brainstorm meeting to discuss the 2016 strategy will be Thursday, August 27th, at 7 PM EST. Annual and pre-existing monthly members only, since we don’t want to share our thoughts with the SJWs. No decisions will be made, this is simply what it’s called, a brainstorm session. I’ll also share some information about the No Award vote that has been brought to light; still working on documentation. Check your emails tonight for the registration information.

Second, we should probably get going rolling with the VPFL before it gets too late. If you haven’t played before and want to give it a shot, post your name here and I’ll randomly select the winners who will receive a team to manage. If you qualified to come back, please point that out here. I’m a bit behind on this for obvious reasons.

Third, I have been informed that some are seeking Vile Faceless Minion status. Since I don’t have the time to put up with being summoned in the mirror at the moment, you’ll just have to email me requesting it with MINION in the subject. If you’ve recently done so, don’t do it again, I’ve got five or six potential minions waiting to receive Malwyn’s mark and get their number.

What is involved, you ask? Mindless obedience, no quarter, public silence, and gnawing on SJW bones. The Dark Lord speaks, the minion acts. If you’re not down with that, that’s fine, but then don’t sign up. The VFM are the Legion’s shock troops, the devourers and demoralizers, the breakers of enemy lines. If that’s not how you see your role, then stay Dread Ilk, stay Ilk, or simply remain one of the vast numberless minions who also serve the Evil Legion of Evil.

Because as the 400 already know, I will call upon you.

Fourth, SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police will be available in ebook on Amazon and Castalia on Thursday. I don’t know when the hardcover will be available, but before the end of the year. To the left is an example of one of the excellent chapter-heading cartoons contributed by the artist Red Meat.