The first two reviews

Interestingly enough, the very first review of SJWs Always Lie is by an individual whose SJW attack is mentioned in the book, Paz Dickenson:

Vox Day’s short new book “SJWs Always Lie” is essential reading for anyone interested in modern online moral panics triggered by Social Justice Warriors. Vox explains what these people are, how they function, and what to do if you’re attacked. As someone who has personally lived through his own political correctness lynching I agree wholeheartedly with his recommendations.

The book includes chapters that comprise the best short summaries I’ve read of Gamergate and the Sad Puppies movements to date, and having just been released it includes even the most recent developments.

I’m very pleased to see others who have experienced SJW attacks can endorse both the descriptions of the attacks as well as the recommendations on how to react to them. Another reviewer who is mentioned in the book, Gorilla Mindset author Mike Cernovich, one of my GGinParis cohosts, reviews SJWs Always Lie with a completely different angle in mind, and frankly, one I’d never really considered, which is to say professional public relations:

No one ever attacked me with such rabid dishonesty as the social justice warriors.

SJWs lied about every area of my life. They lied about verifiable facts. For example, SJWs claimed I wasn’t a real lawyer. (Anyone can ascertain my ability to practice law by checking the California State Bar website!)

SJWs called me a racist, a rapist, and accused me of moving to Vietnam for underage sex tourism.I also had to stay in a hotel after SJWs attempted to have a police SWAT team sent to my home. A 350-pound woman falsely accused me of threatening her with rape.

Fortunately my business model is anti-fragile. The more hate I receive leads to more books sold. SJWs actually helped me make Gorilla Mindset a best seller, as my unwavering mindset in the face of their death threats proved the power of mindset. SJWs lined my pocket with their attacks, and for the most part have moved on to exploit vulnerable people.

Yet even I was a bit shell shocked by the attacks. I had never encountered such hateful people in my life.

SJWs Always Lie would have helped me anticipate their tactics and thus fight more effectively. SJWs Always Lie is the public relations book every celebrity and public relations strategist will deny owning.

It’s interesting to see Mike declare that the book isn’t a polemic because I am a polemicist, I had conceived of the book as a polemic, and indeed, began writing it as a polemic. But then, the patterns that I kept seeing over and over in the different SJW attacks, across different industries and in different countries, were too obvious to ignore, and after describing those patterns, it seemed only natural to explain some strategies for dealing with them. And somehow, in the process, what began as a specific polemic was transformed into a more general cultural 4GW handbook.

And Skittles Boy violate Amazon’s review policy when he scribbled a one-star review that is even less intelligent than the fake one. I particularly liked how I’m supposed to be “piggybacking on a topic he knows will be popular for his own obvious self-aggrandizement.” All together now: SJWs Always Lie! 

“We have a zero tolerance policy for any review designed to mislead or manipulate customers.”