SJWs and parody

What is it with SJW parodies and long titles anyhow?

The Angel Vox Day and the War for the Heavenly Gamergate Puppies (Give Me a Hugo!): Chapter 1: The Wicked Victory of Shoeless John! (The Chronicles of … Angel Vox Day and His Flaming Sword!!!!!!)
by Tim Lieder

John Scalzi Is Not A Very Popular Author And I Myself Am Quite Popular: How SJWs Always Lie About Our Comparative Popularity Levels by Theophilus Pratt aka Rainbow Brite Boy

My favorite aspect of this is the way in which they’ve now roped in John Scalzi to read a parody that draws attention to the fact that he lies about his traffic and jokes about being a rapist. Nearly 30 pages of audio of Rapey McRaperson talking about himself? The Pink Rabbit Posse is practically beside itself with anticipation.

It’s also amusing how some SJWs are frantically insisting that they are totally LAUGHING and they find the whole thing HILARIOUS even as others talk about how depressed and upset and hurt they are. Remember, McRapey went with the whole “ha ha ha, this is SO ADORABLE” line for 26 months until he cracked and began angrily denouncing the “obvious lies” I was supposedly spreading about him.

SJWs always lie.

UPDATE: Apparently Peddy Phil didn’t read Chapter 10.

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Vox’s claim that SJWs aren’t really laughing at him is shrill and desperate even by his standards:

The basic idea is that if you can make the other person feel small or angry, you are winning at SJW rhetoric. This is why SJWs are constantly accusing other people of being mad or upset; it’s just another way of them claiming to be winning the conversation.

Is it not fascinating how they repeatedly prove the truth of my words as they seek to undermine them?