Sailer solves the Syrian refugee crisis

It’s a humane and entirely practical solution too. No more drowned little kids. Who could possibly object?

There’s much discussion in the press about where it would be best for Arab refugees from Syria to settle: Would they be best off in Munich? London? Reykjavik? Or Minneapolis? Which white people most need the blessings of diversity provided by Sunnis and Shi’ites? (Obviously, Syrian Arabs couldn’t go to other Arab countries like Qatar. Don’t be silly.)

The sophisticated reasoning of 2015 is that if you and your countrymen blow up your own country through your sheer mutual bloodymindedness, you therefore have an unassailable moral claim to inhabit the nicest countries on other continents. If you are a young fellow in your prime, why should you have to settle for a refugee camp in neighboring Turkey when there are Swedish girls unmolested in Malmo and English girls unpimped in Rotherham?

Think of the children!

Granted, most of the other times the West has imported lots of Muslims, we just wound up with dead cartoonists and gang-raped 12-year-old girls all over the place.

But, that’s irrelevant, because This Time Will Be Different!


Because. Just because.

Or maybe just because you shouldn’t mention the other times. It’s not nice.

Yet, it only now occurred to me that there is a place that would be ideal for Syrian refugees.

The Golan Heights. And, if necessary, Qatar. I understand that Hungary has relaxed its attempts to stop the invasion of its borders because it is planning to begin mass deportations of all of its illegal migrants soon. Perhaps the Hungarians can simply fly them to the Golan Heights. After all, they are mostly women and children seeking safety and a better life, so they couldn’t possibly cause any problems there, right? I received an email from a Hungarian reader yesterday.

Very much looks like, that in a couple weeks Hungary will seriously close the border. As you may know, they are building a wall, which so far has been easily overrun, police are not even putting up resistance.

Meanwhile, they are changing laws, including some laws that need a “constitutional majority” in parliament, meaning that the army will have the right to intervene in border protection, looks like they will have the right to use teargas, rubber bullets, a net that can be thrown on an escaping person, police will have the right to search houses with no warrant.

They are making illegal border crossing a crime, punishable by instant deportation.

They will make makeshift camps right next to the border, crossers will be put there, not into camps that are inside the country. One spokesman (Gergely Gulyás) said that number of illegal migrants may go down to zero after Sept 15th.

This is a very good sign. Because if the mass deportations of migrants don’t begin soon, worse things will before much longer. As for the humanitarians, note that 4,000 people have drowned trying to cross the sea to Europe this year. Thousands of people are dead because the humanitarians weren’t willing to sink the first 10 boats and make it clear that no one would be permitted to invade Greece and Italy from the sea.

It’s a good thing surgeons aren’t humanitarians. “Well, I’d sure like to do something about that malignant tumor, but cutting you with a knife would hurt you so I can’t do it in good conscience. Good luck!”