On the art of administering the bitch slap

Judgy Bitch reviews SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police:

SJWs and feminists (I’ll use SJW to include both for this article) hate and fear the man known as Vox Day, and for very good reason: he can deliver a bitch slap like no other (except maybe Milo Yiannopoulos). Granted, Day would never call what he does to SJWs a ‘bitch slap’ – he is far more sophisticated than that. Drawing on Aristotle’s concepts of dialectic (arguing from reason) and rhetoric (arguing from emotion), Day has done a great public service and published an ebook that has a few SJWs throwing hilarious tantrums.

It’s a very kind and colorful review, and I do appreciate it. Also, I was asked to do a Hangout or some such nonsense by a group on Twitter,  but it was clear that it would work better as a themed open Brainstorm, so if you’re interested in hearing me discuss SJWs with some folks who may be friend or foe (I honestly don’t know), you can register for tonight’s session at 7 PM EST.