What is Sasquan hiding?

And who is Sasquan protecting? Despite numerous requests, Glenn Glazer of Sasquan continues to refuse to release the anonymized NOMINATION ballots (not the final vote ballots, get it straight because you look like a complete moron when you can’t correctly distinguish between the two), because he claims, falsely, that protecting the privacy of Sasquan’s members is the paramount concern of the organization.

Glenn Glazer may well be an SJW, because SJWs always lie and he is most certainly lying.

Glazer is not lying about the ability to correctly figure out who the occasional individual is, as there are no doubt more than a few pathetic nobodies whose nominations for themselves stand out. For example, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if one could figure out which of the nominating ballots belonged to Patrick Nielsen Hayden… assuming there weren’t 40 more just like it. Of course, one can only reach a logical conclusion about a nominator’s identity, one cannot actually prove that one’s surmise is correct without Sasquan confirming it.

But Glazer is blatantly lying about the fact that Worldcon gives a damn about privacy. Consider this post from Making Light in April:

#9 ::: beth meacham ::: April 06, 2015, 12:49 PM:
Laurie Mann posted on facebook that neither John C. Wright nor Theo Beale have Sasquan memberships of any sort. I am not sure what to make of that.

Laurie Mann is the Programming division head for Sasquan. Her breach of privacy wasn’t just a one-time thing either, as there is this Facebook post from June:

David Gerrold, June 3

As long as we’re still talking about the sad puppies and the rabid puppies, there is one question that has not yet been asked.

Will Larry Correia and Brad Torgersen be attending the Hugo award ceremony? Will Vox Day and John C. Wright be attending the ceremony? What about the other nominees and the various puppy supporters?

I have been told that none of the major architects of the slates have attending memberships. So the answer is no, they will not be there.

(Some of the slated nominees will likely be there, but that’s not the question I’m asking.)

And that causes me to wonder —

Some of the puppy supporters have said this whole thing is about reclaiming “the real science fiction” from those who have hijacked it into the realm of literary merit. (Something like that.)

Okay — but if we take that at face value — then why aren’t the leaders of the movement coming to the award ceremony to cheer for their nominees? If this is really that important, why aren’t they coming to the party?

Not attending the celebration makes it look like this was never about winning the awards as much as it was about disrupting them.

In other words, Sasquan was freely divulging information – incorrectly, as it happened – about the very members whose privacy they now claim prevents them from releasing the anonymized data. It is very clear that, like Animal Farm, the privacy of some members is considerably more important than others. And their inconsistency isn’t conclusive proof of anything yet, nor do we know exactly what he is trying to hide or who he is trying to protect, it does suggest that Mr. Glazer is attempting to conceal the evidence of the Tor Books nominating bloc vote whose activities have been readily apparent since at least 2008.

Since I am informed that a number of polite requests from various Sasquan members have been stymied, I think it is now time to get a little more serious about finding out what Mr. Glazer appears to be so belatedly determined to hide from the public eye. If you were a Sad Puppy or Rabid Puppy nominator or voter who is interested in seeing Sasquan release the data, email me with your a) Loncon membership number or your b) Sasquan membership number to verify yourself and we will plan our strategy accordingly. Put SASQUAN in the subject.

And if Mr. Glazer continues to refuse to release the promised data under a false claim of privacy concerns, that will simply provide us with even more ammunition for the media, who are already interested in the increasing appearance of corruption in science fiction. I haven’t contacted them yet, but if Mr. Glazer continues to try to bury the evidence – of what, I repeat, we do not know – I will do so soon.

UPDATE: This Sasquan coverup may be considerably more serious than even the most confirmed cynic could have imagined. It appears someone may be resorting to hitherto unprecedented measures to prevent the data from being released. From File 770:

Bobbie DuFault, co-chair of Sasquan, the 2015 World Science Fiction Convention, passed away from unknown causes this morning, September 14. Glenn Glazer of the committee asks, “Please respect the families’ wishes to not be contacted at this time.”

There is that name again too. Glenn Glazer. (Raises eyebrows.) NB: If you are a science fiction SJW, please feel free to commence feigning shock and outrage now.