When diversity is inevitable

Relax and enjoy it, ladies. I have less than zero sympathy for all of the American and European women who are going to be mugged, raped, and murdered by the immigrants they so graciously wanted to give residence in their countries. You wanted to help them, well, guess what? You’re going to be helping them the same way that cows help McDonald’s customers. And don’t expect those of us who opposed the invasion from the start to lift a finger to help you.

Stepping up to a cash point in central Paris on Wednesday, a woman is summarily mugged by two teenage Roma gypsies. Showing no fear or shame, and not even bothering to disguise their identities, they push her away and help themselves to cash before calmly walking away.

The unidentified victim shouts out, and manages to grab one her assailants by her jumper at one point, but is otherwise powerless to stop the assault.

Nobody bothers intervening in a crime that has become an everyday occurrence in the most popular tourist city in the world – one visited by hundreds of thousands of Britons every year.

The shocking pictures are particularly embarrassing to the Paris authorities because they were taken just a few hundred yards from a high-profile trial publicised as a clampdown on the growing menace posed by Roma gangs.

The Correctional Court at the city’s Palais de Justice has heard how Romanians Mariana Gandac, 25, and Sandra Baciu, 35 – both known as the ‘Queen of the Thieves’- coordinated thefts which were worth hundreds of thousands of pounds every year.

All took place around historic symbols of France including the Louvre museum, Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral, which is just across the Seine River from today’s attack. Seventeen defendants aged between 17 and 46, including Roma teenagers, deny theft and being members of a criminal enterprise.The vast majority are gypsies like Gandac and Baciu who allegedly preyed on crowds of foreigners, stealing their money and valuables.

Others on trial include one French security guard who allegedly ‘turned a blind eye’ to what was going on in return for bribes.

Governments that won’t defend their borders aren’t going to stop the inevitable crime that follows either. Every idiot woman and every idiot man who supported opening the borders and “helping migrants” deserves to be victimized by the invaders they welcomed. And they don’t deserve any help from those they actively prevented from defending the borders.

“Asked to comment on the mugging, a Paris police spokesman said: ‘We will act on any reports of violence against anyone in the city. Everything possible is being done to clamp down on street crime.’”

Everything possible is already being done. So, what is going to happen, what is happening already, is inevitable. It was not only predictable, it was predicted. So don’t expect those who were, and are, prepared to defend ourselves, to defend you. You did this to yourselves. You are not our problem. And we already know that you’re going to get in the way of the solution, so we’re just going to leave you to the predators.

Enjoy the immigration, ladies. Enjoy the diversity.