The Toad of Tor calls John Wright a liar

Another reminder that SJWs always lie:

This is all fine, but have you heard @pnh or @tnielsenhayden deny it? Any of it? Hmmm? @jenphalian
    — Steven Brust ‏@StevenBrust September 11, 2015

@tnielsenhayden @pnh @jenphalian As for JCW, um, if he tells me it’s summer, I’m gonna play the odds and grab my snow shovel.
    — Steven Brust ‏@StevenBrust September 11, 2015

@StevenBrust @pnh @jenphalian Apparently JCW’s unique version of Christianity doesn’t include the bit about not bearing false witness.
    — tnielsenhayden (@tnielsenhayden) September 11, 2015

     @StevenBrust @pnh @jenphalian Here’s a denial: Patrick didn’t even raise his voice to Jagi Lamplighter. JCW fabricated the entire story.
    — tnielsenhayden (@tnielsenhayden) September 12, 2015

    @StevenBrust @pnh @jenphalian Lamplighter’s the one who got warned that she was pushing the limits on the convention’s code of conduct.
    — tnielsenhayden (@tnielsenhayden) September 12, 2015 

Now, I wonder why PNH suddenly has the Toad of Tor out lying on his behalf and attempting to change the narrative concerning the abusive and unprofessional behavior of the Senior Editor of Tor Books at Sasquan last month?

It appears to me that Tor Books has given Mr. Wright yet another legitimate cause for complaint about the Nielsen Haydens, as they are publicly attacking both his reputation and his wife now. And in the unlikely event that PNH isn’t hiding behind TNH, someone should really tell him to get his toad on a leash, assuming he can find a collar big enough to circumnavigate that swollen throat.

As for me, it’s one more reason to continue to refrain from buying anything that is published by Tor Books.