The blessings of diversity

I’m sure this Danish family is absolutely delighted that they didn’t raise their daughter to be racist or Islamophobic:

Lisa Borch had befriended some Arab men in a nearby asylum center. In a particularly radical Muslim she finally fell in love, she worked more and more with Islam and wanted to at times even go to Syria.

Then it turned out that the man she loved so much, was married and had a wife and children in Sweden. He left them and went back to Sweden. Solace she found in Bakhtiar Mohammed Abdulla from Iraq. The two became close friends, but still held firmly in court because they were just pals.

The mother wanted that Lisa separates from its Arab friends and re-live the normal life of a normal teenager. Lisa began to forge plans for murder and even showed one day her twin sister a knife. The only shook his head in horror. Then Tine Romans was stabbed.

In court, Lisa accuse her boyfriend Bakhtiar. He accused her, claiming she had only called him when his mother was already dead. He had only been in the house to help Lisa. Both modified several times their statements, even in court.

The fact is that he was no longer there when the police arrived. However, they found his fingerprints in the bedroom of the mother.

Staatsanwältig Karina Skou said during their speeches: “This murder was cold-blooded, cold and carried out in a bestial way.”

On Thursday, the verdict was: both are guilty of having carried out jointly the murder. Who led the knife ultimately, however, could not be clarified. Lisa Borch got nine years imprisonment, the first year in a closed youth institution, then she goes to jail.

She was a very pretty little blonde. Throw in a little multiculturalism and some mudsharking, and she was quite literally willing to murder her own mother. The wages of diversity are quite literally death.