The Toad is getting worried

Keep in mind that Teresa Nielsen Hayden, aka The Toad of (formerly) Tor, has never directly addressed me on Twitter. Yet today she did so twice in order to publicly claim that her husband never shouted at Jagi Lamplighter Wright and to insist that both Mr. and Mrs. Wright are lying.

tnielsenhayden ‏@tnielsenhayden
@voxday Did JCW not warn you how many witnesses were within earshot of his event-that-didn’t-happen? Now you both look like idiots. @pnh

 tnielsenhayden ‏@tnielsenhayden
@voxday Note for future: if you’re going to make up any more stories like that, don’t set them at the pre-Hugo reception. @pnh

Notice that Patrick Nielsen Hayden hasn’t issued any public denials on Twitter. He doesn’t want to risk getting caught out publicly lying about his own behavior. The Toad is obviously getting desperate. I wasn’t there. I don’t claim to have been there. I haven’t made anything up and it wouldn’t even make sense for me to make anything up.

The fact of the matter is that contra the Toad’s lying, the Senior Editor at Tor Books, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, did raise his voice, he did shout at a woman, he did tell her to tell her husband, a Tor Books author, to “stick it up his ass”, and he did shout about “blood libel” to a Jewish woman. He is an unprofessional and verbally abusive man.

Those are facts to which there were several witnesses. The Toad wasn’t there any more than I was, but she is an SJW, and as we know, SJWs always lie… and they always try to reshape the Narrative.

Now, I wonder why the Toad is suddenly feeling the need to reshape this particular Narrative? And also I wonder how much longer Macmillan intends to put up with these unprofessional lunatics at Tor Books. I mean, by this point, they have to realize that it is never going to stop until Patrick Nielsen Hayden is replaced by actual professional editors with real college degrees and everything.