Be happy it’s just water

Islamic invaders are shocked that their attempts to invade Hungary are being forcefully rebuffed:

Migrants are shocked and angry after Hungarian police sprayed tear gas and water cannons at those trying to push through a border post.

Several people received medical treatment from the Serbian ambulance service at the scene of Wednesday’s clash near Horgos. Most were suffering from the tear gas but one young man had a bloody leg.

“We fled wars and violence and did not expect such brutality and inhumane treatment in Europe,” said Amir Hassan of Iraq, soaking wet from the water cannon and trying to wash tear gas from his eyes.

“Shame on you Hungarians!” he shouted, pointing toward the Hungarian police who were firing volleys of tear gas canisters directly into the crowd.

It’s tear gas and water cannons now. It’s going to be machine guns and naval gunfire next.

They don’t belong in Europe. They will not remain in Europe.

I wonder what might communicate the message to Islamic migrants that they are not welcome with sufficient clarity? I understand previous European leaders once had to address a similar problem, how did they go about surmounting the language and cultural communications gap?