Mailvox: the power of rhetoric

RM puts SJWs Always Lie into practice:

On Twitter I was able to apply your tactics in realtime against some atheist chick. I demolished pseudo-dialectic with dialectic, and met rhetoric with rhetoric. Additionally, I also worked in the Red Pill, maintained frame and got her hamster working over time by saying her profile pic was one of a 4, and hitting the Wall must drive her to seek male attention. I got six tweets in response for one of mine with her hamster spinning like mad to qualify herself to me.

In the end, she started following my account and asked if I’d follow her and if I wanted to have a conversation with just her since she was shy on Twitter.

I dropped it and walked away at that point, shuddering.

Granted, I have room for improvement. It took me far too long to get her to that point and I replied too often, but the end result was a confirmation of your tactics for logic and your observations concerning socio-sexual interactions.

There is a definite connection between rhetoric and Game that merits further exploration. And on a tangential note, I’ve had some requests for how to respond to common rhetorical attacks. For example, it’s quite common to see atheists use the Old Testament to rhetorically attack Christianity, to which the ideal rhetorical response should be obvious: “You’re attacking the Torah? You’re an anti-semitic Jew-hating Nazi!”

It would be helpful, in this regard, if you would list some of the common rhetorical attacks you’ve observed at school, at work, or online.