SJWs invade Cimmeria

As it has been said, SJWs always lie. Yet another example, this one from the world of Robert E. Howard scholarship:

At one time the Cimmerian Blog was the cream of the crop for online Robert E. Howard scholarship and I was very proud to be a contributor there in 2009-2010. Since closing down that year the blog has remained online as an archive of scholarship, hosted by the owner Leo Grin.

This weekend I learned that owner had posted a political rant attacking one of the other bloggers, Barbara Barrett, and endorsing controversial science ficiton writer Theodore Beale (a.k.a. Vox Day) founder of the Rabid Puppies group that tried to hijack the Hugo Awards this year. The wording of his rant in the first person plural makes it sound as though all of the other bloggers endorsed this action as well as the ideology of Vox Day. This is not the case at all.

I was not consulted about this and I do not in anyway endorse Leo Grin’s comments or the beliefs of Vox Day and the Rabid Puppies. I have asked that my name, image, and posts be removed from the site and Leo has complied. I will likely be reposting some of my less-dated material here as time permits in the weeks to come. I am very saddened that this had to happen and that what was once a great REH blog has been tarnished by such divisive politicization.

That said. there are amazing things happening in Howard fandom and scholarship now and coming in the future. We will not let this petty nonsense get in the way of that great work.

Allow me to translate: “petty nonsense” means someone dared to disagree with an SJW. “Divisive politicization” means that an SJW attempt to take over the organization was resisted.

SJWs can’t easily operate out in the open before they’ve seized effective control. That’s why they will cooperate and play along right up until the moment that it becomes clear that their entryism is futile. Then they’ll make it clear that their allegiance is to the Narrative, not to the organization or its objectives.

It’s all right there in the book. Their playbook never changes much. So learn it and learn how to deal with it, because sooner or later, it will affect you directly.