Back From the Dead on Amazon

The Stars Came Back Book One: Back From the Dead by Rolf Nelson is now available on Amazon and at Castalia House for $4.99.

Helton Strom is just a guy between contracts when he runs afoul of both
planetary officialdom and space pirates. He is left with nothing but the
clothes on his back, and not even a citizenship to his name. Is the
ancient, broken-down military surplus starship and the young lady living
aboard it the key to a bright future, or will his repairs and new
mercenary friends reawaken the demons lurking in the ship’s murky and
lethal past?

Back From the Dead is the first book in The Stars Came Back series.
It is a space western, the story of regular folks just trying stay
alive, seeking work to earn money for repairs to get to the next job,
with no shortage of action and adventure along the way. It is military
sci-fi, featuring a company of mercenaries, spaceship combat, mortar and
rifle combat, spear-and-shield battle, and post-traumatic stress
disorder. And it is a philosophical investigation, pondering everything
from the lessons of Achilles to how one stops a bar fight with earplugs.

If you have already read it, I hope you will consider reviewing it on Amazon.