How NOT to do it

In which a pair of morons who offended SJWs and feminists by having sex with women and then writing about it demonstrate that a basic working knowledge of Game is woefully insufficient to deal with an SJW attack:

To Our Asheville Community:

We know many of you are very angry right now. That anger is justified. There is nothing to balm the wound for now, and we recognize that. We validate and affirm your frustration and disappointment. We’ve issued separate individual apologies, and those stand more than ever.

We’ve said terrible and demeaning things – things that belie unhealthy thought patterns that do not contribute to a stable and equal society. Things our mothers and sisters had to hear. We cannot and will not excuse these things. We grieve for the systematic and ongoing actions we’ve taken. We apologize to the women in our lives and the greater community for the harm we’ve caused, and the potential danger we’ve put them in with our attitudes and beliefs.

We opened Sunday in order to have conversations with some of our regular customers, and to give an opportunity for folks to chat if they wished. A few did just that, and we’re grateful for your thoughts and feelings. We’re humbled by and undeserving of the grace displayed by so many in the face of our actions.

We’re going to close for the next couple days so we can have some room for introspection. We want to allow ourselves to be accountable to our friends, family, employees, clergy, and counselors for our actions, and give ourselves room to be silent and reflect. These attitudes were not grown in a day, and they will not be destroyed in a day. We want to humbly commit to that process. We’re not good people, but we want to be.

We’re going to donate all our business profits through the end of the year to Our Voice. Many of you in the community have great regard for this organization, and their work is of immense importance. We know this is but a step, but it’s something to which we can commit. Our employees who have lost their jobs due to our behavior will be given severance to help as they transition.

With deep regret,

Jared & Jacob

One guess how their craven apology went over. One guess what the inevitable response to their belly-crawling and backtracking and introspection and offering of tribute was. If you’ve read SJWs Always Lie, you know what comes next:

A local business support group has asked that Waking Life Espresso return a loan intended to support a second location as anger mounted Monday over anonymous Internet media posts in which the coffee shop owners boasted of sexual conquests.

That request from Mountain BizWorks came the same day another nonprofit, Our VOICE, said it would reject any donations given to it by Waking Life.

What utter morons. This is precisely why you do NOT publicly apologize. You do not EVER apologize when faced with an SJW attack. No exceptions. None.

What total fucking cowards. Those women who were upset about their sex lives being discussed and rated were only angry before, they are probably writhing in shame and disgust now.