NYT cheers Muslim rule in America

Of course, the U.S. may already have a Muslim president, what with Obama talking about his Muslim faith and all. But the U.S. already faces significant future challenges with the post-1965 invasions; the new Muslim and Asian invasions only adds a violent complication to the inevitable collapse and civil war:

The Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson is drawing criticism over the bigoted comments he has been making recently about Muslims. It is well deserved, and is not a matter of “P.C. culture,” as Mr. Carson has claimed. Nor does Mr. Carson represent some minor fringe element in the Republican Party.

This latest sordid mess to arise from the G.O.P. nomination contest touches on bedrock American values, constitutional principles and American history. It reflects a pernicious habit among the leaders of the Republican Party to play with fire by pandering to an angry, disaffected and heavily white base by demonizing selected minorities. Muslims are just the current target.

Mr. Carson declared Sunday on ”Meet the Press” that Muslims are unfit to run for president because a president’s faith should be “consistent with the Constitution.” Later, he told the newspaper The Hill that Islamic Shariah law isn’t consistent with the Constitution because “Muslims feel that their religion is very much a part of your public life and what you do as a public official, and that’s inconsistent with our principles and our Constitution.”

Leave aside for a moment the unintentionally funny spectacle of a member of the current Republican Party declaring that religion should be kept out of public life, and that Mr. Carson, as an African-American, is a member of a much belittled minority. The freedom of religion embedded in the First Amendment rules out the very idea of a religious test for public office, as John F. Kennedy so eloquently argued and then proved by becoming the first Catholic president.

As for Shariah law, Catholicism has canon law and Judaism has the Halakha and nobody is painting them as threats to the republic — at least not this year…. Anti-Muslim sentiment is playing out in the refugee crisis caused by hundreds of thousands of people, mostly Muslims, fleeing wars in the Middle East. The United States recently agreed to take an additional 30,000 refugees per year by 2017, but some conservatives are objecting, claiming they will provide a recruiting pool for radicals. Closing the country’s doors to Muslims would buy into Mr. Carson and Mr. Trump’s vilification and dishonor the thousands of Muslims who have joined Irish, Italians, Germans, French, Jews, Russians, Latinos, Africans and many others in becoming honorable citizens and perhaps, one day, president.

Never mind that those Irish, Italians, Germans, French, Jews, Russians, Latinos, and Africans have already completely destroyed what was once a predominantly English nation with English values. None – none – of the other immigrants ever fully grasped the English concept of limited government, which is why they transformed what had been a voluntary association into an empire held together by force in 1860.

What is happening in the EU is what has already happened in the USA, it’s just that the changes are too large scale for most people to understand what has taken place. Like the EU, the United States was a diverse empire of different nations that were nevertheless sufficiently similar to function as a single political entity. The one exception were the blacks, but they were too few and too inept to blow things up.

The influx of Hispanics, Africans, and Asians guaranteed the end of the United States just as the influx of Africans and Middle Easterners guarantees the end of the European Union. What is happening in the EU is a magnified version of what has already happened in the USA, because the space is smaller, nationalism is stronger, the populations are more homogenous, and the speed of the invasion is greater. But it’s the same thing in both cases, and the same end result is inevitable.

Diversity+Proximity=War. For all the protests of the New York Times, the Republicans aren’t going anywhere nearly far enough.