Reviewing the reviewer

It’s amazing how predictable SJWs can be and how easy it is to smoke them out. I posted this tweet about SJWs Always Lie this morning:

Vox Day @voxday
172 five-star reviews in a month and the #1 bestseller in Political Philosophy. What more do you need to know?

Which quickly prompted this “review’ by one Jeremy Lance Software Engineer, Educator, Project Manager, Utter Geek, Jack of All Trades (Master of a Few), who works at Perficient in the Greater Detroit Area and is on the Penguicon Board of Directors.

I feel like I’ve seen better delivery mechanisms for these thoughts on …
ByJeremy K. Lance on September 30, 2015

Not especially well written, and not very well thought out. Even if I agreed with the subject matter, I feel like I’ve seen better delivery mechanisms for these thoughts on bus benches and bathroom stalls.

I feel like I’ve read more convincing fake reviews by people who don’t speak English and have never heard of the book being reviewed. Of course, Jeremy Lance is precisely the sort of SF-SJW loser you’d expect to engage in Amazon activism. He’s a tech nerd with a blog who isn’t very intelligent, went to community college, and just happens to be – surprise, surprise – an overweight alcoholic with drug problems prone to depression and “suicide”.

It was during this narrow window of my life that I found myself sitting in the bedroom that I rented from a friend holding the shotgun he kept beneath his bed and crying. It was a place I found myself in a lot around that time. Several times each week—sometimes several times in a single day—I would find myself sitting with that gun simply trying to work up the courage to use it. For weeks I kept returning to that familiar position, wanting so much to no longer be alive and being trapped in life by a fear of literally and figuratively pulling the trigger.

On this occasion, though, I was committed. So much so that I had written my note, had dressed in the clothes that I wanted to be found in, and had gone and sat in the bathtub with the shower curtain pulled closed—I certainly didn’t want to make my exit more of an imposition on anybody else than it needed to be, they’d already put up with so much.

So brave. Thank you for this. Fucking Gamma drama queens. Those “suicide attempts” sound about as genuine as the “book review”. I’ll bet he found himself in that place a lot. For weeks, he kept returning to that position, waiting for someone to find him and stop him in the nick of time.

Anyhow, if you happen to work at or with Perficient, you should probably be aware that Jeremy K. Lance is a mentally unstable SJW. Can a responsible corporation really afford to take the risk of continuing to employ an individual like Jeremy K. Lance who is known to have access to firearms, to abuse drugs and alchohol, and who observably poses a risk to himself and others?

I was a bit amused to see Lance call himself “the David Foster Wallace of software development” when he’s quite clearly not qualified to call himself that.

UPDATE: The icing on the cake:

Milo Yiannopoulos ‏@Nero
@voxday You are cruel, vindictive, mean and heartless. Never change!