30,000 infiltrators

Both the math and the social mood is less than promising:

Hungary and Slovakia have been vilified by many for rebelling against
taking in thousands of refugees. Not only have they rejected European
Union-imposed quotas, but both countries have made it clear that a mass
Muslim migration would pose unacceptable demographic and cultural
challenges. Their concerns are well founded, not only over integration
but especially from a security perspective.

Lebanon’s education
minister, Elias Bousaab, warned recently that two in every 100 Syrian
migrants arriving in Europe are Islamic State fighters, sent to
infiltrate a continent distracted by sympathy. If Bousaab’s conservative
calculation proves accurate, it would mean that among the 10,000 Syrian
refugees that Secretary of State John F. Kerry has pledged to allow
into the United States in 2016, there could be 200 committed terrorists.

Germany is now expecting 1.5 million migrants. If the Lebanese estimate holds, that means there will be 30,000 Islamic State fighters resident in Germany by the end of the year. Now, granted, most of the “Syrian refugees” are not even Syrian, but then, we have no assurance that the Pakistani, Afghani, and Yemeni migrants are any less likely to sympathize with ISIS than their Syrian cohorts.

There is nothing any of us can do about any of this except watch, wait, and understand that when the native populations begin taking measures that go well beyond the infiltrators, they are not the parties responsible for the inevitable tragedies. The responsible parties are those who made the invasions possible in the first place.

I can’t possibly do justice to how angry people are here. I mean, I quite literally can’t post what I am hearing people of all ages, of all political identities, saying about the invaders and their own politicians, or as doing so would be in violation of numerous speech laws, including those of the USA.