There is no diversity crisis in tech

Repeat it, understand it, grok it, live it. There is no diversity crisis in tech.

Repeat after me: there is no “diversity crisis” in Silicon Valley.
None. In fact, there is no crisis at all in Silicon Valley. Silicon
Valley is doing absolutely gangbusters. Apple has $200 billion in cash reserves and equivalents — and a market valuation of about $630 billion. Amazing. Facebook now garners a billion daily users. This is a nearly unfathomable number. Google is worth nearly $450 billion and has $70 billion in cash on hand.

This is not a crisis. Silicon Valley is swimming in money and in
success. Uber is valued at around $50 billion. Companies like Airbnb are
remaking travel and lodging. Intel is moving forward into the global
Internet of Things market. South Korea’s Samsung just opened a giant
R&D facility in the heart of Silicon Valley. Google and Facebook are
working to connect the entire world. Netflix is re-making how we
consume entertainment.

Silicon Valley is home to the next phase of the global auto industry.
Fintech and biotech are transforming banking and medicine. The success
of Silicon Valley is not due to diversity — or to any bias. Rather, to
brilliance, hard work, risk taking, big ideas and money.

Want to be part of this? Great! Follow the example of the millions
who came before you. Their parents made school a priority. They took
math and science classes, and did their homework every night. They
practiced ACT tests over and over. They enrolled in good schools and
focused on English, Political Science and Humanities.

Okay, that last bit is not true. They took computer programming,
engineering, chemistry — hard subjects that demand hard work. They then
left their home, their family, their community, and moved to Silicon
Valley. They worked hard, staying late night after night. They didn’t
blog, they didn’t let their skills go stale, they didn’t blame others
when not everything worked out exactly as hoped.

Are you doing all of these? Are you doing any of these? Do them!

The “diversity crisis” is a fake crisis manufactured by SJW parasites who want to leech off the success of others. Tech doesn’t need more women. Tech doesn’t need more blacks, American Indians, Eskimos, walruses, penguins, or meerkats.

And, as the Impossibility of Social Justice Convergence predicts, as the observation of previous diversity crises will demonstrate, the continued success of tech actually depends upon IGNORING those who are attempting to sell the diversity crisis scam and actively RESISTING all of their “solutions”.