Lunatics wanted

There is apparently an opening for mentally unstable shoggoths, in case any of you happen to be looking for unpaid employment:

I’m sorry to say that my co-chair s.e. smith and I have resigned as
Wiscon 40 chairs and as members of the Wiscon concom, effective
immediately. This is a really unfortunate decision to have had to make,
and we very much regret placing the con in this position. That said, it
seems clear that we are a poor culture fit for the concom, and we feel
the need to prioritize self-care rather than further risk our own mental
health and well-being.

I can’t help but wonder what makes them poor culture fits for the zoo-like freakfest that is Wiscon. Are they attracted to men? Do they weigh less than 200 kilograms? Did they Question the Narrative or did they simply fail to keep up with its rapid mutations?

In any case, “I feel the need to prioritize self-care” is now my go-to excuse for, well, anything. I was going to mow the lawn today, but regretfully, I felt the need to prioritize self-care. I’m sure you understand.