Fourmilog review

John Walker reviews SJWs Always Lie at None Dare Call It Reason:

This book is a superbly written history of GamerGate and the revolt against SJWs in science fiction and fantasy writers’ associations and fandom, but also provides deep insight into the seriously dysfunctional world of the SJW and advice about how to deal with them and what to do if you find yourself a target. The tactics of the SJWs are laid bare, and practical advice is given as to how to identify SJWs before they enter your organisation and how to get rid of them if they’re already hired. (And get rid of them you must; they’re like communists in the 1930s–1950s: once in place they will hire others and promote their kind within the organisation. You have to do your homework, and the Internet is your friend—the most innocuous co-worker or prospective employee may have a long digital trail you can find quickly with a search engine.)

There is no compromising with these people. That has been the key mistake of those who have found themselves targeted by SJWs. Any apology will be immediately trumpeted as an admission of culpability, and nothing less than the complete destruction of the career and life of the target will suffice. They are not well-meaning adversaries; they are enemies, and you must, if they attack you, seek to destroy them just as they seek to destroy you. Read Alinsky; they have. I’m not suggesting you call in SWAT raids on their residences, dig up and release damaging personal information on them, or make anonymous bomb threats when they gather. But be aware that they have used these tactics repeatedly against their opponents.

You must also learn that SJWs have no concern for objective facts. You can neither persuade nor dissuade them from advancing their arguments by citing facts that falsify their claims. They will repeat their objectively false talking points until they tire you out or drown out your voice. You are engaging in dialectic while they are employing rhetoric. To defeat them, you must counter their rhetoric with your own rhetoric, even when the facts are on your side.

The word is spreading. I appreciate the efforts some of you have been making to bring the book to the attention of those with platforms to reach potential readers that I cannot.

And an Amazon reviewer asked a question that merited a response:

Very funny, but why get embroiled in fights with crazy people in the first place? You can’t win, they are not open to logic, and nobody benefits one way or the other. Some SJWs will grow up and realize their silliness, but others, like the hags of N.O.W., never change or advance. The general public is oblivious, and always will be.

Why? Because you can’t avoid them. They are on the Long March through the institutions and organizations of the West and they will attack everyone who does not submit to the Narrative. They are not open to logic, but you can win and I am living proof that you can benefit from standing up to them and defeating them.

And while the general public is oblivious, it will not always be. There is absolutely no reason for defeatism when until recently, most of us didn’t even realize they have been attacking and undermining Western civilization for over 150 years. We not only CAN win, we WILL win because reality always reimposes itself in the end.