Mailvox: Social Justice Convergence in YA

I’ve never read his work, but as YL informs us, it appears Rick Riordan is an SJW:

Rick Riordan has written on his blog about The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, by N.K. Jemisin.

“I picked up this book after reading a thought-provoking article about the author in The Guardian. I really liked what she said about coming to fantasy with no interest in maintaining the status quo. She’s right that so many fantasy books are about restoring order to a kingdom, returning a rightful heir to the throne, or getting back to the good old days by defeating some dark power that threatens to unbalance society. Jemisin, as an African American female writer, says this simply doesn’t resonate with her or interest her, and why should it? Instead, she writes science fiction which challenges those in power, threatens the ordered society, and questions whether the good old days ever existed. I like books that force me to rethink paradigms, so I decided to check out her work.”

Per an Amazon review, his new book, Magnus Chase, features:

“His Valkyrie, Samirah al-Abbas, is a teenage, hijab-wearing muslim girl, who dreams of flying as a Valkyrie and as an airline pilot. She’s also already set up in an arranged marriage, but one that she actually wants, because she loves the guy, and arranged marriages really aren’t as unfeeling and calculated as we might think. Obviously there’s more than a little bit of prejudice she faces. Their two other primary teammates are Blitzen, a dwarf (or dark elf) with dreams of becoming a fashion designer, and Hearthstone, a deaf elf who is one of the only practitioners of rune magic in the nine worlds. These characters are absolutely unique and open the doors to talk about racial prejudices (within humans and among the mortal races) and disabilities.”

And the sales will be in millions.

Warm regards; I loved your book SJWs Always Lie.

I’ve never read Riordan myself, but it’s hardly a surprise that a bestselling YA writer should be in tune with the lunatic mainstream zeitgeist. Of course, he’ll fall out of harmony with the Narrative soon enough; he’s only pushing Islam, fabulousness, and physical disabilities instead of mass migration, pedophilia and the glories of child molestation.

Prediction: Riordan’s career will henceforth decline as per the Impossibility of Social Justice Convergence indicates his books will become less entertaining as they become more openly politicized.