Feminism is a loser’s game

It has always been observable that feminism is a loser’s game, but many have not understand exactly why. This commenter at Heartiste does a nice job of explaining why failure is inevitable.

Peter Drucker, in his famous essay Managing Oneself, advised strongly
the need to understand your strengths and weaknesses, and observed that
you can never win by improving your weaknesses, only by improving your
strengths. In broader socio-economic terms, feminism has pressured women
to build on their weaknesses (ability to compete against men) and
discouraged them from capitalizing on their strengths (youth and
fertility). Young women have taken up this mantra to the extreme as
their innate herd behavior has driven millions of them dominate
universities and commit to a life of cubicle drudgery over hearth and
home. They would rather have a crappy job with vicious co-workers that
provides them money to spend on frivolities than a humble home domain
where they rule and experience the joy of children. It is unfortunate
that so many of our most intelligent and well-bred women are buying into
this lie only to discover just 10 years after starting that they have
missed the boat on marriage and childbearing opportunities.

Adding to
this cruel feminist hoax inflicted on impressionable women, some
companies make a spectacle of offering to freeze their female worker’s
eggs so they can devote their youth to the corporation and attempt
childbirth long after the ideal window for this has passed. This is not
to imply that women should not be educated; a woman should have an
education as a financial backup and to use after child-rearing.

As a general rule, if you’re fighting a) your own biology, b) history, and c) Mother Nature, you should not be terribly surprised when the results are less than entirely triumphant.