The non-negotiable invasion

Angela Merqel declares a Muslim Europe is non-negotiable:

“The eastern Europeans – and I’m counting myself as an eastern European – we have experienced that isolation doesn’t help,” she said, sources told Politico.

“It makes me a bit sad that precisely those who can consider themselves lucky that they have lived to see the end of the Cold War now think that one can completely stay out of certain developments of globalization.”

Merkel acknowledged that eastern European countries were being asked to catch up very fast on developments in tolerance and diversity that had taken the West decades.

But “when someone says, ‘this is not my Europe, I won’t accept Muslims…’ then I have to say, this is not negotiable,” she insisted.

Who said anything about negotiating? The politicians didn’t negotiate with the people about inviting the Muslims. It seems unlikely that the people will believe it necessary to negotiate with the politicians about sending them back home.