Who bitch this is?

Now we know exactly what role the NFL’s in-house SJW, aka “Vice-President of Social Responsibility” is expected to fulfill. Unsurprisingly, it is to play speech police and nag the players for saying anything that a hypersensitive woman looking to be offended might find offensive:

After Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy commemorated the lifting of his suspension with awkward remarks about Tom Brady’s wife and the unfortunate use of the phrase “guns blazin’,” different people had different reactions.

Cowboys fans and some of the media covering the team proclaimed that it was no big deal. Owner Jerry Jones downplayed the remarks in classic Jerry Jones style, reminding the world that Hardy won’t actually be taking guns onto the field, equating Brady’s value as a human with the attractiveness of his wife, and making an always-timely Elizabeth Taylor/Richard Burton reference.

Others weren’t happy with the comments. Once coach Jason Garrett made it clear that he’s in the group that finds the statements unfortunate, the issue seemed to be settled.

Through it all, the NFL said nothing. As of Sunday morning, the NFL has broken its silence, via comments from a league executive to the league-owned website.

“I couldn’t disagree more with Greg Hardy’s comments, and they do not reflect the values of the league,” NFL V.P. of social responsibility Anna Isaacson said. “We are working hard to bring attention to the positive role models many other players represent and also to continue our education with all members of the NFL family. . . .

“We spend a lot of time at the NFL educating our players on domestic violence and sexual assault. That’s what we control here, we control education. We control training, we control all the league does from a public perspective and public service, working with non-profit organizations. We can control that. So that everyone in the NFL family has the services and resources that they need if they need help.”

There is really only one appropriate response to Ms Isaacson’s comments, that being to quote the immortal Shinblade: “Who bitch this is?”

“League executive”? What a joke. The NFL should understand that it exists to entertain men and women who want to watch athletically gifted men play the game of football and that no one except SJWs gives an airborne rodent’s posterior about what opinions any of the players happen to hold about retired Victoria’s Secret models, dead actors, dead actresses, or firearms.

The NFL’s policy on player speech should be summed up in a single sentence: “Insofar as a player’s speech does not concern violations of the rules of the game, we have no position, pro or con, on anything that he might say.”