Volume X

Jerry Pournelle is pleased with the progress of the revived THERE WILL BE WAR:

There Will Be War Volume 10 is filling faster than expected. There are still a few fiction slots open, and we are looking for serious previously published non-fiction on future war; previous publication in a military journal preferred but not a requirement. Can be any length but under 5,000 words preferred. Payment on acceptance of a flat $200 advance against pro rata share of 25% of cover price royalties.

We purchase non-exclusive anthology rights only; original works not excluded but no extra payment for first serial rights. Like the previous works in the There Will Be War series, this is a reprint anthology.  The introductions to the works will be original.  Previous volumes have sold well. Email submission@therewillbewar.net to submit. Volume will probably be published (eBook) in December; hardbound volume next year.

A few things: PLEASE STOP SUBMITTING straight SF, urban fantasy, SF romance, and anything that is not clearly MILITARY SCIENCE FICTION. A submission will be rejected out of hand as soon as it becomes apparent that it is not mil-SF. We’ve received a startling number of submissions that are not even remotely relevant to one of the most famous anthology series in science fiction.

Note that this is an elite collection and many of the contributors names are very recognizable. Based on the scores of submissions I have personally reviewed, if you are not a significantly experienced SF writer, your piece is unlikely to be of a sufficient quality to be accepted. If you’re looking to break in for the first time, this is probably not the place, particularly if you have no military experience.

We are now looking more for non-fiction than fiction. But we are not looking for opinion pieces from people without significant military or strategic experience.