I do so enjoy having no credibility, as I have been reliably informed is the case for many years now. It’s just another word for having absolutely no external limits upon one’s behavior:

Vox has 430-odd (so far) Vile Faceless Minions who have pledged to vote as he instructs them. This gives some people heartburn. On the other hand, the VFM support Vox voluntarily, so it’s not really anyone else’s business.

By the next Worldcon, he’ll have even more Minions; a nontrivial voting bloc he can use as he sees fit.

The current “Vox Day” is a creation of the SJWs. They vilified him so thoroughly nothing he can do can alter public opinion one way or the other, so he’s free to say and do anything he wants without concern for repercussion.

“What part of ‘Supreme Dark Lord’ did you not understand? Don’t you get it? I am not the good guy. I am the very bad guy.”

They literally have no idea what to do when you agree and amplify their accusations. I mean, don’t you grasp that they are POINTING and SHRIEKING at you? That is supposed to be your cue to stammer, cringe, and apologize!

So now he’s the dark monster living rent-free in their heads. Which suits him just fine, as far as I can tell.

I had dinner with Mike Cernovich tonight. Two fearsome monsters of the Internet… and yes, we were most definitely plotting dastardly and nefarious deeds.