Yes, they’re going home

The EU is planning to repatriate the invading migrants:

The EU plans to deport hundreds of thousands of migrants back to their home countries within weeks, according to a Brussels secret document leaked to British daily the Times.

The plans apparently include the creation of a new “dedicated return office” unit in the EU’s Frontex border guard agency to deal with the “irregular migrants.” The EU plans to use trade treaty clauses to force the return of refugees whose asylum applications failed to countries including Mali, Niger, Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea, which have development aid and trade treaties with the EU, the Times reported.

“All measures must be taken to ensure irregular migrants’ effective return, including use of detention,” the leaked EU document said.

It is unclear whether refugees from countries in the midst of armed conflict, such as Syria and Afghanistan, would be forced to return to their countries. However, according to the document, the goal of the policy is to end the migrant flow altogether, rather than deal with the issue’s causes.

This is a very good sign that the European nations want to avoid a bloody tragedy of epic proportions, but it doesn’t mean anything until the repatriations actually take place and the migrant flow is permanently shut down. It also isn’t sufficient, as it isn’t merely the “irregular migrants” who need to be sent back to their home countries, but also the “refugees” and the “Gaestarbeiter” of the last four decades.

After all, the Germans are getting scared by the migrant invasion and about the last thing the world needs is the Germans feeling both scared and cornered.

But it is a good start and is a sign that some sanity remains in Christendom. Note, in particular, that “all measures must be taken”. The USA would do very well to follow suit.