An apology is a confession

Lest you needed another reminder of why you NEVER APOLOGIZE for anything after being attacked by SJWs.

A new dispute has erupted over the fate of Sir Tim Hunt, the Nobel prizewinner accused of making sexist remarks at an international conference earlier this year. Sir Colin Blakemore, one of Britain’s leading scientists, has resigned as honorary president of the country’s science writers association over its support for the journalist whose reports led to Hunt’s dismissal.

Blakemore said he had been frustrated by the decision of the Association of British Science Writers (ABSW) to continue to give unconditional support to Connie St Louis, who first claimed Hunt had made sexist remarks.

Subsequent evidence has since suggested that St Louis’s account was “unbalanced, exaggerated, and selective”, Blakemore told the Observer.

“Yet the ABSW refuses to investigate the issue, despite the fact that its standing orders explicitly state that ‘wilful or frequent misrepresentation or inaccuracy’ shall be considered a breach of its standards,” he said.

“Given the very serious consequences of St Louis’s reports, and the ABSW’s refusal to act, I have decided to resign. I have been honorary president of the association for 11 years but feel that I have no alternative.”

However, Martin Ince, the president of the ABSW, rejected the idea that the association had a role to play in assuring journalistic standards. “Our statement simply supports her right to report a story without fear of personal attack. We note that Sir Tim Hunt has acknowledged the accuracy of St Louis’s reporting and has apologised for his remarks,” he said.

Notice how Hunt’s apology wasn’t only used against him, it is being used as a defense against Connie St. Louis’s misbehavior which long predates the actions for which he apologized. And it’s also being used against those who are willing to take public stands and make personal sacrifices in support of Hunt.

When you apologize to an SJW, you are not only handing them ammunition that will be used against you, it will be used against your friends, family, and allies in support of your most vicious enemies.

Never apologize in response to SJWs. Is that not clear? NEVER PUBLICLY APOLOGIZE, period.