Churchian cucks preaching Babelism

Terrible theology + kissing the world’s unwiped backside leads to cucky Churchians preaching the gospel of Babel:

As the Senate recently passed long
awaited immigration overhaul and the bill now heads to the House, the
long-standing national discourse on the issue of immigration will likely
heat up again. As we participate in these discussions, my hope is that
we, especially as Christians tasked with peacemaking and reconciling,
will find ways to build bridges instead of erecting walls. As a first
step in this bridge building, I pray that once and for all, we will stop
using the term “illegal immigrant.”
Here’s why:

1. The term “illegal immigrant” is a misleading and dishonest term, which violates the 9th commandment.

2. The term “illegal” singles out those who committed one, specific,
federal misdemeanor, but is never applied to other violations.

3. The term “illegal immigrant” has morphed into a racial epithet.

4. The term “illegal immigrant” cultivates hostility, animosity, and mistrust against our neighbors.

5. The term “illegal immigrant” is dehumanizing.   

  1. No, it does not. In fact, the author is lying. “Illegal immigrant” is an accurate and honest term that precisely describes the status of the individual so described.
  2. Considering that my father is often described as “a tax evader”, this is obviously false. Most “murderers” are not serial killers, after all.
  3. No, it hasn’t. What race does “illegal immigrant” refer to?
  4. No, immigration, especially illegal immigration, cultivates hostility, animosity, and mistrust against our neighbors. 
  5. This is ridiculous. Only humans are described as “illegal immigrants”. I have never heard of migrating birds being described that way.

Churchians are liars and deceivers. They worship the god of Babel, not the Christian God. They serve the world, not Jesus Christ.