Mailvox: more border closures coming

Apparently things are about to get even more interesting in Eastern Europe in response to the ongoing invasion. A reader from Eastern Europe writes:

Get ready for things to get interesting again at the Hungarian border/Croatia/Slovenia/Serbia.

When Hungary closed the Serbian border, there was about a day of riots, which were all over world news, horrible hungarian policemen teargassing poor migrants. But this lasted about a day, as they immediately started going towards the Croatian border.

Today, still thousands of refugees cross Hungary, but no one notices them, since it is all organized, basically because Germany is still receiving unlimited amounts of them daily. Croatians bus them to Hungarian border, Hungarian authorities get them on special trains straight to the Austrian border, Austrians get them on special trains straight to Germany.

This time though, Orbán is taking his time with the Croatian border closure.

One reason is technical, it takes time to figure out the optimal way. The border is much longer than the Serbian (164 kms to 355 kms), and for the most part two rivers form the border (Dráva and Mura in Hungarian). First they said they were not going to build any fence at the rivers, than they decided to build anyway in some spaces they considered vulnerable. They spotted croatians scouting the border looking for vulnerable places, the days before it was supposed to start, so they took their time to make sure the fence will be effective. The deadline moved, and now they not even giving exact date, they will probably make it effective by surprise, when everything falls to place.

Second reason is political. As you may know, there is an alliance called Visegrad Group, or V4, which is made up of Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland. I’m not going to Google the whole history of this, but the alliance is formal, every now and then there are V4 summits and workshops on different levels (PMs, presidents, ministers, etc), independently of which political formations govern at given moment. 

Orbán this time does not want to play the bad guy alone, so he got the V4 to back him up with political support, and by sending policemen or military personnel/equipment to help patrol the Serbian and Croatian borders, which are the Schengen borders of Europe. He is also organizing a two-month military exercise, called “Balaton 2015”, aimed at practicing different logistical scenarios that could unfold at a migrant crisis. Today the first 20 Czech soldiers arrived for the exercise. Slovakian defence minister just announced that they will send soldiers also.

Apart from that, Slovakia will send 50 policemen for the Schengen border patrol, they will be arriving until the 20th of October.The Poles didn’t do much yet, but they will probably help with something.

So another border closure is coming in the next few weeks. I really don’t know what the hell are the Croatians and Serbs waiting for, I would be building my own fence like mad.

So much for the idea of European “union”. It’s creating more walls than the Soviet invasion of Eastern Europe did. If this insanity is allowed to continue by the German elite, the walls will eventually be constructed of impaled migrants.

Mass migration is war.