Mailvox: resistance really works

It turns out that active resistance is a considerably more effective approach than silent submission and surrender. This tweet appeared in my notifications this morning:

a friend is under real life SJW attack, pointed him to this, he followed your advice & it’s working. Many thanks!! *hat tip*

It may be hard to break the habits into which we are brainwashed from kindergarten, but it is necessary. It is vital! Those whispers that tell you to give up, to give in, to abandon hope are the voices of the deceivers who programmed defeatism into you at an early age through school, church, and media.

Don’t listen to those voices. God loves the fighters. God loves the warriors. The Father loved Gideon and David. The Son loved Peter. Unless you are being murdered for your Christian faith, you are not a martyr, you’re just a coward who lacked the courage to stand up for himself and for the truth.

If you’ve got a friend who is under attack, please note that SJWs Always Lie is now available as a free read for both KU and Prime subscribers. And last night we received the notification that it will be available in paperback within a week or so.