Book club invite

The Goy Luck Club is reading SJWs Always Lie and has invited VP members to take part in the discussions if anyone is interested:

Vox Day, The Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil, has been is a science fiction writer for Castalia House, and was purged by the Science Fiction Writers of America by SJW’s for having naughty thoughts (sound familiar?). Since then, he has devoted part of his blogging to fighting back against the SJW’s in the Hugo Awards and in the Culture War. By organizing some of his readership, which he calls the Evil Legion of Evil, he is successfully getting SJW’s to burn down the Hugo Awards, a group that has been infested with SJW’s for 20+ years. He has accomplished this by getting them to vote for “No Award” for the various book awards, so the books he and his supporters nominate (The Sad Puppies slate) will not win the awards.

The book we will be reading is called SJW’s Always Lie.

For the first reading starting today (10/16/15) and ending next Friday (10/23/15), we will be reading chapters 1-5.

I will also be doing a closed Brainstorm event after the reading for those who take part and will be taking questions from readers about the book. And yes, speaking of a reading group, I do need to finish up the quizzes for A History of Strategy. And speaking of SJWs Always Lie, this review from M-Zed is both characteristic and extremely complimentary, considering:

Even Despite Our Differences, A Strong Book
By Michael Z. Williamson on October 15, 2015

I review this as an ardent anti-Voxxer, who has argued with him many times. The man is a troll, a self-aggrandizing narcissist, and woefully ignorant of science.

However, in the field of philosophy and debate, there are few better in this market. He understands clearly the tactical use of dialectic and rhetoric, and that arguing facts against someone who refuses to accept them is pointless.

The key to arguing with such people is to recognize, evade, and turn their own tactics upon themselves, so they are forced into their own corners. And, may I suggest, it’s very useful for dealing with annoying exes who attempt to obfuscate at every opportunity.

It is well worth the money to learn how to debate with the unreasonable.

It’s wonderful to have fans and supporters, but there are few compliments more sincere or satisfying than one from a dedicated foe. Obviously M-Zed and I have our differences, a considerable quantity of differences, but what I like about him is that he’s not afraid to speak his mind, for better or for worse.