You heard it here first

From our Eastern European friends:

It’s official, foreign relations minister Péter Szijjártó announced that tonight at midnight Croatian border will be shut down.


Funny thing is happening, probably this news really appeared first on
your blog in English, there is almost no coverage of this. Now it is 19:44, the announcement was at about 15.00 hungarian time. I was checking news pages many times today, both Hungarian and English/American. Now
it is on front page in the Hungarian ones, but it wasn’t like this a
few hours before, and for example on very popular liberal news page
ORIGO, you can barely see it between the first 10 bullshit/less
important news.

Just now it is on the front
page of CNN, hidden between a lot of other news, it is not even on the
front page of BBC, you can only find it if you search. Same with
Reuters, only if you search. One of the “news line” short news on For some reason, they are not enthusiastic covering this.
the serbian closure, it was all over the place, because people were
expecting riots and finger pointing poor treatment of migrants. They got a little of what they expected.
interior minister Ranko Ostojic just announced that they will take
people to Slovenian border, and another Slovenian politician said that
they are prepared for the influx, until countries further north keep
their borders open (Germany). So they will basically continue the same organized transport of migrants to Germany, only through Slovenia. 
I don’t expect riots, neither does mainstream media. So
they do not want to tell people, that Hungary just quietly but surely
stuck to its plan, closed the borders, and is not doing it
alone, but in cooperation with 4 other countries.
other day I wrote that Czech soldiers already arrived, Slovak soldiers
and policemen will arrive, and the Poles will probably help with
something also. Well, Ewa Kopacz Polish PM announced today, that they
are sending to Hungary 70 border police officials, many jeeps, including
5 that have night vision devices built in.

The coverage of the first border closing backfired on the multicultis. Nearly everyone applauded the Hungarian action. That’s why they’re keeping the cameras away from this one.