Entering the Gorilla Mindset

I’ll be talking with Mike Cernovich, the author of Gorilla Mindset, in an hour. It should be a good interview, as I’ve learned a lot from him about social media and how to leverage the hatred that is directed at one by the other side.

In some ways, he is the anti-Scalzi. He’s from a poor background in California too, but he had a father who helped him grow out of the gamma mindset and not only become a man, but an independent man. Like Scalzi, he is very, very good at self-marketing, but unlike Scalzi, he doesn’t need to lie, and spin, and misrepresent himself to do it.

One of these days I’ll have to explain to him the deeper symbology of the third eye, but tonight will not be that night. If you haven’t read the book yet, here is a detailed review of it.