Turnabout is fair play

German daily documents anti-migrant hate speech on Facebook

Germany’s top-selling Bild daily Tuesday documented racist vitriol against migrants posted by Facebook users in a double-page newspaper spread, as pressure grows on the social network to eliminate hate speech.

A day after thousands of anti-Muslim PEGIDA protesters and anti-fascist counter-demonstrators rallied in the eastern city of Dresden, Bild published dozens of anti-migrant rants under the headline “The Pillory of Shame”.

Facebook “agitators” posted xenophobic and threatening comments, which Bild urged the prosecutor general to investigate.

Tensions have grown as Germany has opened its doors to an unprecedented wave of people fleeing war and misery, with arrivals expected to reach one million this year, an influx that has seen Chancellor Angela Merkel’s poll ratings slip.

As Germany has seen increasingly angry street protests, attacks on asylum shelters and a knife attack against a pro-refugee politician last Saturday, lawmakers have warned that inflammatory speech can spur violence.

Turnabout being fair play and all, it seems to me that the German nationalists should keep track of all the anti-nationalist’s identities and document all their statements and actions against the German people too.

Just in case they might happen to come in handy one day, you know?

So go ahead, SJWs and anti-nationalists, by all means, post that “I hate my nation, invaders welcome” rant. No doubt it will prove useful to someone one day.